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About Lernair

We have created a way to develop all Snowboarder’s and Wakeboarder’s passion into unique and recognizable piece of artwork. At Lernair we have created a brand for Snowboarder’s and wakeboarder’s at any level. Whether it’s your first day on the mountain, Lake, or a seasoned Pro, you can always Lernair!

By setting new trends and using the best of old trends, Lernair intends to continue to bring the freshest look to the Snowboarding and Wakeboarding industry. We have set our goals on delivering the most innovative products along with the highest quality materials that we can find on the face of this earth.

It is our Passion at Lernair to be a part of this widely growing Snowboard and Wakeboarding industry and help preserve these great sport for generations to come. We hope to build a brand that stands for everything that people love about Snowboarding and wakeboarding, and we will continue to dedicate our lives to building a better World. Boarding is our LIFE!


"White is “In the house”………Best of Luck this Year! Kill It Kid!!

-Alan Lerner

Left: Alan Lerner, right: Shaun White

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